How to care about your product

All of garment is made with quality industrial print, fixed with thermopress.


Washing Instructions

  • Always wash inside out.

  • Use mild detergent without chemical additives like bleach, fabric softener, or oxi-clean.

  • Wash in washing machine, in lukewarm water (up to 30°C) on gentle cycle - "hand wash", "wool" or "underwear".

Note: although the industrial prints can withstand temperatures up to 40 -60 °C, application can be ruined by washing at high temperatures. Here applies the principle, the lower the temperature, the longer the "life" of your garment.


Spinning and Drying

  • Always spin and dry turned inside out.

  • Even when hand washed, always spin in washing machine, you will avoid “cracking” the application, that can be caused by pressing and squeezing during hand spinning.

  • Avoid using the dryer, since the high heats of some dryers can cause minor cracking or fading of prints.

  • Line or flat dry. Avoid using pegs on the application.



Always iron inside out at temperature adjusted for “cotton”.

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